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Thermal Solutions
Thermal Management Through the Use of
Phase Change Materials (PCM’s)




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1. Turnkey Consulting:

Complete thermal management analysis and development using Phase Change Materials of all kinds, hydrated salts, n'Alkanes, and other PCMs using   state of the art tools.

If you need consulting in:

  • Thermal Management of Electronics
  • Thermal Management of Telecommunications
  • Thermal Management of any outdoor equipment

Please visit our sister company, MJM Engineering Co, at

If you need general thermal engineering consulting, research and development, please visit our other sister company, Thermal Engineering Solutions, at:

2. Search and Evaluation Service:

For example, we can help you search and select the proper PCM and PCM related equipment such as heat sinks, enclosures, or any kind of metal extrusion incorporating PCMs for any particular application.

3. Seminars and ShortCourses:

We develop short courses tailored to your needs, presented on your premises. Or, you can send your employees to short courses regularly scheduled during the year.

4. Products

PCM Thermal solutions has available PCMs of different temperatures for any applications. We also have a number of products for the telecom industry. Contact our office for more details










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